Camping in Wales is almost a tradition in England, we come in our droves at summertime, cars full of camping gear and hearts full of hope. Sometimes our hopes are dashed on the rocks of rain and grey clouds. But we’re prepared for the worst and will have a great time rain or shine (and be back the following year!)

The Marloes Peninsula is a long stretch of the Welsh Coastland and has much to offer other than unpredictable weather. It made top of the list on the The national trust list of walks in Pembrokeshire and for good reason. There are long stretches of quiet sandy beaches and a great mix of nature to see and explore.

The National Trust owns the western half of the peninsula, including the open-access deer park on its western tip, which is a favourite area for a picnic and a great place to view the varied wildlife which includes seals, and many different seabirds. The deer park is oddly named as it has never actually contained any deer!

The hike along the Pembrokshire Coast is a massive 186 miles (luckily you don’t have to embark on this epic adventure and there are many shorter walks available.) We recently walked this short route of the Peninsula which which was packed with great views and nature to see.

Skomer Island

Located less than a mile off the coast is Skomer Island which is leased to The Wildlife Trust for West Wales, who manage it as a nature reserve. There are approximately 6,000 pairs of Puffins and 120,000 pairs of Manx Shearwater birds there, it's truly a birdwatcher's paradise! Pemrokeshire Islands offer boat trips to and from the island from Martin's Haven, and have been running for over 40 years.

If this is a bit tame and your looking for adventure then look no further than The Real Adventure Company they offer "Real Coasteering," where you will have the opportunity to explore sea caves, coves and bays, scramble over boulders, traverse sea cliffs and wild swim your way around the stunning coastline.
For those among us that like adventure at a less strenuous pace you can view the coastline via horseback with Nolton Stables they offer different beach riding packages along the coast and also do package deals where you can immerse yourself in everything equestrian.

Once you have had your fill of wildlife and scenery you can take a trip to Marloes Sands, this is another beach cared for by the National Trust and has some spectacular geology, including sandstone and volcanic rock and at the very western tip is an Iron Age fort that was the subject of a C4 Time Team dig.

View of Pembrokeshire Coast

If you don't mind travelling further afield, Harry Potter fans can travel to Freshwater West where you can see the resting place of Dobby the house elf!

This is a wide sandy beach, backed by an extensive system of dunes which are great for adventuring and finding lizards, birds and blackberries! Although the dunes are fragile so no camping or barbecues are allowed. This beach has some of the best waves in the county, but be warned it’s only for the experienced. Strong rip currents occur off the beach, so it’s much better to sit back and let the experts do their thing while you can enjoy the show!

Venture inland and you'll find Hilton Court Gardens which is housed in an old Victorian courtyard and surrounded with stunning gardens, it's the ideal destination to relax and rest your weary legs whilst taking in the beautiful surroundings, once you've stopped for some afternoon tea and homemade cakes you'll be totally ready to continue your hiking.

After a long days walking and enjoying the wildlife you can take a well earned rest at the Lobster Pot pub in Marloes town, or there's pizza at Camilles further down the road and a fish and chip delivery van that will deliver to your campsite!

Camilles Pizza in Marloes Town

If you feel going that extra mile for your food then it’s only a 10 minute drive to the quaint town of Little Haven which has a great variety of Pubs and grub available. There is also the option of The Druidstone in Haverfordwest which is situated on the cliff-side offering great sea views, and is a 10-minute-stroll down to one of Pembrokeshire's best beaches. They offer rooms and cottages to stay in if you should ever need a break from your tent, as well as a great bar and restaurant that has feast nights where you can truly eat your heart out.

We stayed at the Foxdale Campsite which is in Marloes town. This is a great campsite with excellent facilities and very friendly owners.
Foxdale Camping Grounds

Campsited have taken the time to find some of the great Campsites in Pemrokeshire, you can check them out here. There is a great selection of activities within Pembrokeshire and we'll be sure to follow tradition and come back next year!