It’s no secret that 2016 got a lot of bad press, but for us it was a big year, huge in fact.

No one was immune from 2016’s challenges and we fielded many ourselves.

The year, however, saw us take a giant leap, one that we’d been working towards for ages. Other developments also came to fruition, and it's these wins that make us look back on 2016 with a lot of love in our hearts and giant smiles across our faces.

Let the people go camping

We know that people want to get outdoors. Given half the chance Campsited’s HQ would be a giant tent in the middle of a field somewhere, we love the outdoors so much. Our mission is to make sure that getting outdoors and going camping to reconnect with life is as simple as possible.

Part of our plan to act on this mission came to life in May 2016, just before the peak camping season kicked in!

We launched our new website, designed with people like you in mind. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to book their perfect camping trip, and our website helps people do this.

Our new website, check it out if you haven't already!

So how did our new website do? The response took our breath away!
Enquiries shot up by 1,250% and bookings increased by 840%.

We’re taking this as a strong signal that our website is helping us achieve our mission and we are even more encouraged to see that people are already starting to book camping trips in 2017!

More camping, caravan, and glamping parks

Although we’re incredibly proud of our website, it would be nothing without the amazing camping, caravan and glamping parks in the UK and Ireland.

Part of our 2016 success included listing more parks on the site. In 2016 we doubled the number of parks on Campsited and we’re aiming to grow this number significantly again in 2017.

More and more camping and caravan parks are approaching us to be listed on Campsited as we show them just how much people want to explore the beautiful scenery of the UK and Ireland’s outdoors.

We made the news!

We were delighted to get this mention in the Irish Examiner in July. Our summer was well and truly made to see that the well-known Irish newspaper spoke about taking children camping. And judging by our booking numbers, many Irish children were taken camping during the summer season!

We had a rather embarrassing encounter with Dermot and Dave over in Today fm, who read out a letter that Finán (who should know better) wrote in jest (kind of) one evening on a train, when feeling a little giddy. We are of course very grateful to Dermot and Dave for the jingle. Not quite on brand but good fun none the less!

George Hook and Ger Tannam put us through our paces on Kick Start Your Business over on Newstalk. Thanks guys for the opportunity.

And we spent a lovely afternoon with Don Harris over at You and Your Business. We’re also super grateful to Don for having us on.

Based at the Guinness Enterprise Centre in Dublin, we’re very proud to be part of Ireland’s tech community. Irish Tech News is a award winning site that covers the Irish tech scene in depth and covered us in their Business Showcase feature in October 2016.

Campsited’s staff go camping too

We walk the camping walk. One of the many reasons why we are crazy about camping is because getting away from the screens and into the outdoors does wonders for our mental, emotional and physical health.

Last year, a new policy was introduced at Campsited. Every staff member gets an extra week of leave a year, in addition to their usual holiday allowance, to go camping!

What will 2017 bring!

Our aim for 2017 is to build on the strong foundation we built in 2016. We’ve a few specific goals we want to achieve:

  • We want to give more online booking products to camping, touring, holiday and glamping sites. In addition to that is. Why? Well, we spoke to lots of campsites in 2016 and they told us what they need. We listened, and we’re simply doing what we can to help, based on what we heard. We’ve a couple of products coming very soon. Watch this space.
  • Bookings, booking, bookings. We want to grow bookings by a further 3,000% this year. The more bookings we can send to our campsite partners the better.
  • Reviews and other features. We want to enhance so you, the camper, have a much richer experience. This is an ever ongoing process here at, and this year we will launch some features, which will hopefully make the experience better for you.
  • We’re eager to get even more people camping. We’re going to spread our Campsited magic to campsites and caravan parks in Europe and further afield and we will continue to highlight the benefits of being outdoors!

So, lots done, but way more to do. So we’d better crack on with it.