To coincide with World Mental Health Day, has just announced that each of their team will get an extra week off, every year, to go camping!

“There is no doubt that being in the outdoors has exponential benefits for us physically and mentally. There is tonnes of research to back it up.” says founder Finán O’Donoghue. “From the very start, we made a decision to use our technology to get more people outdoors. Where better to start than with ourselves. And campsites are often in the most beautiful locations in the world. Who wouldn’t want to spend a week on one!”

Campsited has also just reported a 1,500% increase in their bookings and enquiries in 2016.

"We’re delighted with the figures” says Finán. “We’re absolutely committed to helping people everywhere find and book campsites. These figures show that there is a need for a product like Campsited. They also show that our mission to get more people outdoors is well under way. What’s most exciting is that we’re just at the beginning of our journey."

For those interested in a week away camping as part of their annual package, Campsited will be advertising new positions in the coming weeks. Be sure to get in touch if interested.

There are many rejuvenating benefits to being outdoors