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Glamping. A connection to nature, with an eccentric edge.  

Glamping (today’s lingo for ‘glamorous camping’) combines comfort, culture and clean air to grant you a unique outdoor adventure, with a touch of luxury.

Glamping can be a simpler alternative to traditional camping, in that it requires less planning and preparation, but is anything but low-key in its quirkiness!

Think bell-tents, yurts, treehouses, eco-pods, gypsy cars, floating cabins and all sorts of eccentric structures with bespoke style. We’ve got it all… 

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Our promise: Reconnecting you with what matters most

Friends and family

Experience the togetherness of a camping holiday with loved ones and create unforgettable memories.

Nature and outdoors

Escape to the sea, mountains or countryside....Have a break and breathe again!

Fun and simplicity

A splash in the pool with the kids. A sunset on the beach. Rediscover the fun and beauty in the simple things in life.

Booking a glamping holiday in the open-air, the highlights:

No two experiences are the same

– Glamping marries unique accommodation with unique surroundings. Sure, it could be argued that a bell-tent is a bell-tent, wherever it’s placed, but we disagree. Glamping pods come in all shapes, sizes, materials and personalised design. Your glamp holiday itinerary can be as busy or relaxed as you choose, filled with family, friends and extreme activities, or intimate and understated. But the main difference between your holiday and someone else’s is the wonderous unpredictability of nature. The surrounding nature, with its changing seasonal landscape (and the life that flows through it) makes your experience entirely yours.

‘Glamourous Camping’ is a more effortless experience

– Glamour doesn’t have to mean gold-plated bed-posts and roll-top baths (although indeed, some glamp sites do offer these), glamour in this context is a lower-hassle, higher-comfort alternative to conventional camping which means pitching your own tent and bringing everything you need, including the kitchen sink! You can expect self-contained accommodation with access to all the basics to eat, sleep, cook and clean, set-up and ready for you to settle in – saving you time, money and stress in preparing for your holiday.

Glamping celebrates past cultures in modernity

– Glamping is not only immersive thanks to its relationship with nature, but lots of accommodation out there today is derived from important, historical cultures and can connect you to the coolest nomadic traditions. Think tepees and their Native Indian engineers, working travellers who pioneered Gypsy caravans and Mongolian tribes with their intricately designed portable yurts. These practical and eccentric designs have withstood the test of time and continue to reign supreme in the glamping world.

Glamping is a well-deserved health and wellbeing boost

– Spending time in the great outdoors is a scientifically-proven stress buster. Glamping gives you this type of ‘nature therapy’ because your body, mind and soul is rewarded with peaceful new environments, fresh-air, an escape from daily routines and stresses, undistracted moments with loved-ones, time for self-reflection, access to activities that move your body – and all with minimal planning and preparation.

There’s something for everyone

– Much like traditional camping, there really is something for everyone. In fact, the evolution of local and international glamping accommodation has opened up a world of accessibility for campers of all ages, abilities and preferences. From beginners who’re looking for a gentler transition from package, hotel holidays into the wilderness, to avid adventurers seeking a totally eccentric escapade, you can choose from tree-top dens, floating huts, sleeping pods and much more. Glamping is suitable for families with children, solo-travellers with pets and everyone in-between.

Glamping is eco-friendly

– Generally made from natural, sustainable materials and positioned off-grid, most types of glamping accommodation have a low-impact on their environment. After all, why celebrate Mother Nature and all her goodness, only to cause harm?! If this is an important deciding factor for your next open-air holiday, you’ll have no problem finding campsites where sustainability and eco-consciousness are high on the agenda.

Glamping is perfect for a short, local staycation

– Time is precious and our budgets don’t always afford us the luxury of a 2-week, all-inclusive holiday abroad. And, unless you’re living in total rurality (or on another planet), we’ll bet there’s a camp or glampsite within a few hours’ drive. Don’t let locality put you off, you might think you know the area, but you can guarantee it’ll be a new perspective sleeping under the stars in your glamping pod. If you’re new to glamping, this could also be a great test of suitability for something further afield.

FAQs about glamping

What’s the difference between camping and glamping?

Camping is most often associated with having to erect a portable structure such as a tent, often made from artificial materials like polyester and nylon. The camping set-up requires more manual assistance, from putting up the tent to preparing your own bedding and other essentials to cook, clean and live with.

Glamping on the other hand is a more ‘ready-made’, ‘ready to move into’ camping solution, with more permanent structures of all designs and sizes, often made from natural materials. Glamping sites usually provide access to all the basic home comforts, but can also offer luxury living extras like terraces, boutique furnishings and a kitchenette.

Whether camping or glamping, you’ll get a unique holiday in the open-air, but you’ll find camping is the cheaper of the two – and glamping requires far less prep!

Do glamping pods come with hot tub?

Yes, lots of glamp sites offer hot tubs as an indulgent extra. Those that do will charge a little extra for the privilege and they tend to be in high demand, so book quickly. Winter is a great time to book a glamping home with a hot-tub, as your body will love the juxtaposition between cold air and steamy hot water – and you may find a great out of season deal.

Can I go glamping by the sea?

Yes, coastal glamping resorts are becoming increasingly popular. Glamping lends itself beautifully to every kind of natural surroundings. You’ll find sites by the ocean in all parts of the world, giving you access to outstanding views, as well as water sports, waymarked hiking paths and all-round sandy (or pebbly) fun! Just tick the filters ‘beach’ or ‘sea access’ when booking with us.

Can I get Wi-Fi in my glamping accommodation?

Yes. Whilst glamping helps you to escape technology and endless scrolling, most glamp sites recognise the importance of staying connected to the outside world, whether that’s checking your emails, uploading your fave holiday selfie, or forward-planning tomorrow’s adventures. It’s rare you’ll find a site that doesn’t offer WIFI included in the price, or an added-extra.

Is glamping good in the winter?

Absolutely, glamping is awesome in the winter – and glamping accommodation is weatherproof, cosy and can even contain types of log fire to add to the ambience! Glamping is more than just a place to lay your head, especially in the colder months. It’s a snug home-from-home after a day of outdoor winter exploring. A restful place to prepare a hot meal and warm up your bones. A safe haven to admire those crisp, frosty mornings or clear wintery night skies through the window. And you might find a great deal, booking out of peak season too!

What do I need to bring for a glamping holiday?

Glamping accommodation often includes all the essentials you’d find in a hotel room or bnb, but sometimes less… and often more! Your temporary home might include a kitchenette, with pots, pans and cutlery. Towels and bed linen are also usually provided.

But, always check first! If it’s not super clear from the booking description, you can contact your glamp site host before you travel. Aside from the living essentials, you’ll need to prepare clothing for lounging, sleeping and daily activities, as well as your everyday toiletries. Glamping is fairly low-maintenance, but don’t assume you can just show up with a smile!

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