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Happier, healthier, more motivated employees with ‘Open-Air Work From Anywhere’

Offer the benefits and joy of a great work-life balance in the open air, with Campsited.

The way people look at and want to live life is changing. Desire for more time outdoors in nature and a life more in balance has grown exponentially over recent years. There is also a greater awareness of the importance of physical and mental health.

Companies are responding to these trends by adopting Work From Home and Work From Anywhere policies, keeping their employees happy, healthy and motivated. This has inspired Campsited to create its 'Open-Air Work From Anywhere' programme, which goes one step further: offering extended stays in beautiful outdoor environments and the opportunity to reawaken your curiosity by discovering new countries and cultures.

You can leverage Campsited's inventory of properties in inspiring open-air settings, to offer your remote workers a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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