A Guide on the New Way of French Camping

France has been guiding the way on many wonderful things for years. Now they've reinvented camping sites. Here's a guide on fresh French camping.

Camping in France at large, commercial sites offers luxurious amenities. From swimming pools and karaoke bars to full-service restaurants, these destinations take camping to the next level.

But what if you're looking to shake things up a bit? What if you'd like to opt for a more rustic, small-site feel? Then, consider checking out some of France's more intimate camp locations.

France boasts many independent sites that are heavier on nature and lighter on amenities. Campers go to big commercial campgrounds to relax while the children play, whereas smaller sites emphasise rustic outdoor adventuring for the entire family.

Plus, smaller sites come with many choices and a greater range of affordability. Read on to learn more about a fresh take on camping in France from region-to-region.

Back to Nature in France

Four-star campgrounds catering to massive crowds offer the ultimate in high-end European glamping. They include extravagant features like aqua parks, discotheques, full-service restaurants, and children's clubs.

They're great places to dive into relaxation while the kids take part in organized activities. But what if you're looking for a slightly different experience?

Maybe you want to delve more deeply into an exploration of the French countryside and its history? Perhaps you'd like to immerse yourself and family in the French language and culture?

If you don't mind foregoing some amenities, there is another way to approach camping in France.

Focus on sites that offer rustic charm and quaint experience. You'll also be happily pleased by how easy they are on the wallet.

Where to Go Camping in France

Are you interested in checking out this new trend for camping in France? Does getting closer to nature appeal to your family? If so, there are many tantalizing options available.

France boasts a network of public and municipal campgrounds. They're clean, affordable, and often located in stunning natural settings. They provide fun-filled adventures for the whole family while camping in France.

Campsited offers an excellent selection of campgrounds that blend large commercial camping brands and more modest public spots. The sites featured on Campsited are fully staffed and offer a variety of services. They range in size and can accommodate everything from tents to motorhomes.

Campsited also offers individual sites that have been carefully renovated to bring campers closer to nature. They emphasize old-fashioned tent camping. And they offer a laid-back atmosphere with fewer rules than larger commercial operations.

France's Municipal Campsites

France's municipal campsites embody the new spirit of camping in France. These sites are affordable, welcoming, and rustic.

For families looking for outdoor adventure, municipal sites offer an attractive option for camping in France.

France boasts about 2,800 municipal campsites across the country. The vast majority are situated near quaint villages or towns. While they aren't as large as four and five-star sites, they offer basic amenities such as clean bathrooms and hot showers.

They also provide a different type of camping experience than larger chain campgrounds. Many of their locations remain off-the-beaten-path and are quite scenic.

Immerse Yourself in the French Culture

France's municipal campsites prove more affordable and intimate than their commercial counterparts. They bring you closer to nature.

Plus, they give you more chances to rub elbows with the locals. Which is a great opportunity to practice your French. Allons-y!

While amenities tend to be fewer than at four or five-star sites, they are still comfortable, clean, and safe. They offer clean bathrooms, hot showers, and well-tended sites. Many offer activities and swimming pools, and they're surprisingly close to major tourist destinations.

While some families like the idea of pitching a tent, there are other options, too. Some public sites offer a limited number of chalets or mobile homes for rent. Other sites offer treehouse camping, countryside camping, or full-on glamping at reasonable prices.

Municipal Campsites Worth Considering

Whether you're looking for a getaway in Burgundy or the Ile-de-France, municipal campsite options are plentiful. Check out our offerings here.

You'll find accommodations with facilities for babies or the disabled. There are also family-friendly sites that the whole family will love. When choosing the best campground for your family, start by making a list of which activities you'd like to do.

Are you looking to take your family on a relaxed bike ride through the French countryside? Or, does the thought of a week spent at the beach sound exhilarating and attractive to you? Are you interested in a lake destination that abounds in swimming and outdoor activities for all ages?

Perhaps you'd like to change it up by visiting the chateaux of the Loire Valley? Or check out France's volcanic region of Auvergne? There are even camping facilities in handy proximity to the Ile-de-France.

No matter what you're looking for, there is a French campsite to suit your family's specific needs and vacation desires. With Campsited, you can take your pick while receiving all of the practical information that you need to make your next adventure unforgettable.

See France Region-By-Region

The flavor of French culture and history changes from region-to-region, and so does the camping experience.

For example, camping in Normandy offers a sunny escape for families who love the sun, beaches, water sports, and local attractions. But the area also boasts attraction parks such as Festyland and the Enchanted Village, both guaranteed to provide you with family memories worth saving for a lifetime.

Camping in Brittany comes with spectacular coastlines, great surfing, and stunning geographical features like the Bay of Biscay. No trip to Brittany would be complete without checking out the megaliths of Carnac, so if you're looking to go a bit "prehistoric", this is your spot. For the adventurous type, there's also the Carnac Evasion, the first kite-surfing school in Brittany.

Camping along the Ile-de-France puts you in convenient proximity to many of France's most iconic attractions including the Palais de Versailles and Paris. What better way to mix up a camping trip to Gaul than by staying along the scenic banks of the River Seine?

Camping Sandaya International Maisons Laffitte rests in a surprisingly calm, serene natural setting just 20 minutes from the Avenue of the Champs-Elysees. It's a 10-minute walk to the RER, which puts you in easy access to countless Parisian attractions including the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, Versailles, and more.

If you're looking for an exploration of the iconic chateaux of the Loire Valley, consider staying at Camping Sandaya Chateau des Marais. It's family-friendly and picturesque. Located just 500m from the Chateau of Chambord and 200m from the Loire a Velo, it's the perfect launching off point for an exploration of France's sumptuous past.

If the French Alps are calling your name, try Camping Les Lanchettes located at the entrance of the Vanoise National Park. There's no better launching off point for a variety of mountaineering and skiing activities. And the natural setting is breathtaking.

Or, consider Camping du Lac de Carouge at the entrance of the Regional Natural Park of Wallows and near the Lake Carouge. It's a great place to indulge in water activities like swimming and fishing, and it features spectacular mountain views. Don't forget a day trip to the vineyards of Savoie to explore the area's rich history and exceptional wine selection.

Camping in France

Camping remains an exciting way to take in the French countryside. There is an abundance of camping options available, from commercial sites to municipal ones. There's a campground for every family's needs and travel interests.

Whether you're using a tent, caravan, or motorhome, French campgrounds offer diverse activities and facilities. They come in a variety of price points, too.

Before booking a site, do some research at Campsited. When doing your research, consider the following questions:

Who's going camping? What types of special facilities might you need? Which camping experiences do you want to have?

Are you looking for countryside, oceanside, lakeside, forested, or somewhat urban camping? Will you be camping in a tent, a caravan, or a motorhome?

How long will you stay? What's your camping budget?

Which amenities do you need? Which amenities can you do without?

Do you want to stay in the company of fellow travellers from the UK and Ireland? Or are you ready to practice your French language skills and stay where the locals do?

In the search for your perfect camping destination, other questions will come up. Make a list and check them off as you dive into research.

New Options for Camping

Where to camp depends on what the travel expectations for you and those you travel with are. Knowing why camping in France appeals to your group will help you decide where to go.

There are more French campgrounds than ever. They cater to a wide swathe of outdoor enthusiasts. Accommodations include quiet, affordable sites and rustic locations with full services.

Are you intrigued by changing things up by visiting smaller campsites? Is it an option you'd like to explore for your family's next French getaway?

Nobody knows camping in France better than we do. Contact us today to learn more about the best camping destinations for your group!