The rolling hills of the Peak District are a beautiful setting to take a long hike and stretch your legs. You can stroll blissfully along without a worry in the world, apart from the odd stare of roving sheep. There's a vast array of walks on offer, from the easy amble of flat, forgiving routes, or the crazy climbing of very high hills - the top one being "Kinder Scout" at 636 metres!

Here at Campsited we love all of the adventure, nature and hiking on offer, but have found it can be a little daunting knowing which hike to take. Searching the web is a surefire way to find numerous routes, but you're never sure of the skill level or how well marked the routes are - even the experienced folk here have admitted to getting lost on the odd occasion!

Well worry no more! The folks at Wonderful Wellies have created a brilliant infographic on great walks in the area. They're all based on easy to medium difficulty, so you can bring everyone along and they've even included pubs en route! (What genius designed this?)

So no excuses now - time to get out hiking!

What are the Best Walks in the Peak District?