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Camping and fishing holidays in France

family camping and fishing

France has a lot to offer campers who have a passion for fishing. From the stunning scenery that surrounds you as you fish, to the fantastic facilities provided by the companies that offer the likes of carp fishing holidays in France, fishing fanatics are well served. With fishing holidays in France becoming more and more popular, a number of lakes that have been created especially for family fishing holidays in France.

This is not only a great way to bond with your children and have time to talk to them, but you can also enjoy being at one with nature. The catch and release aspect of fishing is also a great way to introduce your children to the concept of responsibility for the earth’s depleting natural resources, ensuring they understand the value of returning the fish to the water, as well as leaving the environment pristine.

In this article we’re going to take a look at campsites with fishing facilities nearby, so you can prepare for your next big catch. Whether you’re thinking about campsites with fishing in Brittany, or angling destinations in the south of France, we’ll highlight some recommendations for your next big fishing holiday. We’ve included spots that are good for if you are travelling solo, with a partner or your whole family.

Where are the best carp fishing holidays in France?

Ensure your fishing holidays in France hits all the right notes, with our list of recommended locations to visit.  

Brilliant Brittany

In the elegant region of Brittany, you can find some excellent campsites with fishing nearby. Check out Vaulaurent, a fishing lake in Carentoir, with over 500 carp and a lot of amenities campsites nearby for you to choose from. There are also cute coastal villages, beautiful walks and lots more to explore on days without the rod.

Next-up: Normandy

Another great location for those travelling across from northern Europe or across the English channel is Normandy. Grosley is an example of one lake perfect for family fishing holidays in France. Located in Grosley-sur-Risle, Normandy, you will have access to 450 carp in the lake along with other great facilities. With many campsites only a short journey away, you can return to your tent after a great day’s fishing.

Awesome Aquitaine

With Aquitaine being such a large area of France, you won’t be surprised to hear it has many great lakes for fishing holidays. One of these, simply known as the Golden Carp Lake, is an intimate lake in Vieux-Mareuil. Boasting fish which weigh more than 20kg, you’ll be sure to have one of your greatest catches here. One of the good things about this lake is that year-round fishing is available, so you can take a camping and fishing trip whenever you want. Located only two hours from Bordeaux, it’s an area that’s easy to fly into and has lots of other things to see and do for any non-fishing fans. 

Easy access in Aisne

Another great location for those travelling from northern Europe or the UK, is the fishing lake of La Vallee in Vendeuil. Known for its easy catches, it’s a great lake to introduce your children to fishing. Located under two hours from Calais and equally close to Belgium and Luxembourg, it’s perfect for a long weekend (or longer if you prefer). Offering around 1200 carp to catch, you’re bound to have a great time fishing with your family. With many campsites nearby, pitching up for the night will be easy too. 

Perfect Paris

Only 30 minutes south of Paris, you’ll find the luxurious lake of Carpanium. Located in Saint-Maurice-Montcouronne, it has around 700 fish to catch, the heaviest of which is nearly 30kg. Finding a campsite won’t be hard either, with a lot of choice of campsites in Ile-de-France. So, you can treat yourself to a few days of fishing while your family enjoys camping close to the lake, followed by some sightseeing in Paris or maybe even a trip to a theme park… Let everyone find their happiness!

The Lovely Loire

Not far from the Loire Valley, you’ll find Grand Fontenay in Cepoy, a fishing lake that has about 1000 carp to fish, weighing in at around 30kg. You’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors solo, or with your partner or family at this lovely fishing lake. With many campsites close by, and the potential for other activities too, such as cycling and visiting chateaux and vineyards, even the non-fishers will love their family fishing holiday in France. 

The sunny south

If you’re looking for better year-round weather, then heading further south in France could be the answer. In Bournazel, Aveyron, you’ll find a large lake that boasts 1000 fish, with the heaviest weighing in at about 34kg. Cavagnac is a popular resort for those looking for campsites with fishing close by, with many campsites to choose from. Remember to bring your sun cream as the south of the country can get very hot. 

Magnificent Moselle

Situated in a town called Vergaville in Moselle, you’ll find Etang du Moulin, which has 950 fish, the heaviest of which is about 32kg. This is a great lake for summer fishing and camping, but it’s closed in the winter months due to the altitude. This same feature makes for amazing views in the summer though, so you can while away the time waiting for your next catch by enjoying the scenery.

What are the benefits of carp fishing holidays in France?

Carp fishing in France is not only a great activity to plan some or all of your holiday around and a way to bring the family together, it offers much more.

Introduce your family to fishing

Fishing is a sport that takes skill to learn, so what better way for your children to learn it than by being taught by their parents. With some amazing locations to choose from, and a great choice of alternative activities to keep kids entertained, fishing holidays in France are a great choice for the whole family. 

Bond with your children

Some might see fishing as a slow sport, but in between each catch you can enjoy forming bonds with your family and your kids. Talk about things you wouldn’t normally have the time to and create memories that will last for a lifetime.

Enjoy a recharging holiday 

Recharge your batteries doing what you love and forget about normality. Fishing holidays in France offer you the chance to recharge your energy levels so that when you return from holiday you are refreshed and ready to take on anything. 

Slow down the pace a bit

After what can be a hectic speed at which we live our lives, sometimes it’s important to take our foot off the pedal and slow things down a bit. What better way to take things slower than by a glorious fishing lake in fantastic France? Not only will it be just what you needed, but your family will love it too, with lots of other things to see and do. 

Reconnect with nature

When living in the city or a town, connecting with nature on a regular basis can be harder than we think. Camping and fishing holidays provide you with a great opportunity to get away from it all and enjoy some time with Mother Nature. It’s a perfect time to pass on your love of camping to your children too. 

Create your perfect fishing trip – useful info regarding fishing holidays in France

Don’t get caught short when camping and fishing in France – here are some useful tips to help you on your trip. 

Are fishing lakes in France open all year-round? 

Not all of the lakes are open all year-round, so it’s important that you check with each individual lake before you turn up. A rule of thumb is that if the weather is good year-round (so, in southern France) then the lake should be open, but where the altitude or latitude is higher, the lake is likely to be seasonal. 

Are there campsites close to all the fishing lakes?

France is renowned for its campsite culture, so it is highly likely that not far from any fishing lake you will find a campsite. That being said, it is always worth a quick bit of research before you decide on your fishing lake, just to be sure that there is a campsite nearby. 

Do I need to return the fish to lake?

At most lakes you will need to return the fish to the lake, as part of the catch and release scheme. This ensures that a sustainable amount of fish are maintained in the lakes for others to catch on another day. If in doubt, ask at the reception or when you book. 

Can I just turn up at the lake for fishing in France?

It is strongly recommended that you do not just turn up at a lake, with the majority of lakes having restrictions as to how many people can fish at any one time. Booking your campsite and your fishing lake in advance will ensure that you are not disappointed during your holiday. 

I’m a beginner, does it matter where I fish?

Some lakes are known as easier lakes to fish at, so they are probably a better place to start. As you get better, you can start to visit intermediate lakes and expert lakes to give yourself more of a challenge. 

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