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Romantic camping in France

Holiday couple in hotel balcony wrapped in blanket

Cuddle up: the great outdoors is perfect for a romantic camping trip

If you’ve been struggling to ignite the romance at home, or just want to think up a more exciting date night, then you should definitely look at a romantic stay in the great outdoors, camping in France. It’s pretty hard not feel romantic when cuddled up outside, staring at the stars, partaking in romantic camping. Wrap some forest or coastal views into that picture, or put yourselves beside a roaring campfire and the romance will definitely look after itself.

And if you think camping is all about roughing it in the wilderness, then think again. How about sipping champagne in a hot tub while the stars appear overhead, or swinging in a double hammock while watching branches sway across a blue-sky day?

There is no end to the dramatic backdrops you can create on a camping trip, with countless romantic camping ideas to pick from! These days, one of the most unique camping experiences is a bubble lodge in a forest. This is a completely transparent bubble dome, within which you’ll find your luxury bed, a separate private bathroom and shower, and all the luxuries of a boutique hotel. Or, if that’s too open, then you could try a canopy treehouse and wake to the sound of the dawn chorus literally right outside your door. But even a cosy little chalet or tent makes the perfect hideaway for two.

If you’re researching the perfect romantic camping trip, then read on and let us share some ideas. 

Heart-warming ideas

Follow our top tips for creating a romantic camping trip that will live long in the memory.

Disconnect before you reconnect

The one thing you won’t need on a romantic camping trip is your phone, so make sure to turn it off for at least some of the time and relax into nature. You could go so far as to choose a place with no Wi-Fi and let the relative isolation strengthen the bond between you. Or you could just agree to keep the devices packed away in your rucksack – once the initial impulses to check for messages disappear, the lack of technology will be a real treat. Natural habitats are already full of adventure and entertainment, so after a while you won’t miss your devices at all – except to take those romantic selfies of course.  

Choose a room with the ultimate view

There is very little to compete with the feeling of waking in a campsite and opening the door of your cabin or pod to find nature in all its glory waiting there for you. It’s a sure-fire way to get romance building and so make sure and pick a spot with a fantastic view. You won’t be short of choices in France – from coastal, to riverside, to mountains, to lakes, there are so many exceptional landscapes to stay in, to accelerate your switch-off from the fast pace of the rest of the world.

Wrap up beside a blazing campfire

Building a campfire is relatively easy and, as long as your campsite allows it, it can create a perfect romantic experience for you and your significant other. Check with your provider before you go whether they provide a fire ring, which is a metal ring to contain your fire, then surprise your love by learning how to build it before you go. You’ll need tinder, kindling and larger firewood. The simplest campfire shape is the teepee shape, which will give you a tall roaring fire in no time. Pack some blankets and wrap up together around the fire. It’s a wonderfully romantic experience.

Research the facilities

Make sure you stay at a campsite with good toilets and washing facilities like showers and sinks, whether in you private chalet or communal facilities beside your tent or camper. Nothing can kill romance quicker than poor hygiene facilities. Most modern camps have great facilities and you won’t have to worry, but have a look at the photos and descriptions to be sure.

Pack some flavour in your picnic

Food is everything on a romantic date – whether in a restaurant, a mountainside or the edge of a lake. Pack lots of exciting flavours and options and plenty of treats. You can keep things cool for up to a day in a cool box or bag filled with ice blocks. You’ll want your favourite drink, but also something special like rich chocolate to make those toasted marshmallows a bit more luxurious, or packets of expensive cold meats and cheese and a jar of nuts in honey. Anything that’s just that little bit more special than normal. 

Pick a campsite near real beauty spots and walks

Choose a naturally beautiful location to impress your date at every turn. Pick a campsite near stunning mountain or coastal viewpoints, natural wilderness, or walks in the woods, so you can create all those romantic memories you are both dreaming of.

Plan for luxury accommodation

Not everyone likes a basic tent while camping, so think about what would make your date feel most comfortable and perhaps check out all the different glamping options available nowadays for romantic camping. From treehouses to yurts, there’s no end of romantic camping ideas, but sometimes a cosy tent equipped with clean, comfortable bedding or a cute little chalet, will tick all the boxes.

Wild swimming

Why not plan to do some wild swimming while you’re on your romantic break? Choose a campsite near a river or lake and bring a comfortable daypack with light towels, togs, snacks and water bottles if you’re thinking of taking the plunge. Whatever the weather, it’s a fantastically refreshing experience after a hike, that will live long in your memories. 

Feel the Difference

Capture their heart: A camping trip could be just the romantic experience your relationship needs.

Fresh air builds appetites

The fresh air in forests, woodlands, coasts or lakelands goes a long way to creating healthy appetites for all things – food, exercise, emotions and fun. Breathe it in and take lots of long walks and talks together. Meditate, do yoga, or run. Anything that celebrates you, your bodies and the natural world around you.

Beauty reflects back

It’s hard to experience natural beauty without some of it reflecting back on you. Spending time exercising in a natural landscape will help build endorphins that will simply make you feel good about yourself and your partner. 

Dive right in

A camping trip with just one other person encourages you to let your guard down and be more relaxed. We’re more likely to enjoy each other’s company when no one else is there to intrude, but also when we’re out in the fresh air and getting exercise. Camping delivers both in droves and creates the perfect opportunity for real intimacy.

Wake up and go

Waking up in nature is a beautiful experience that should be shared and who better to share it with than a loved one? You’ll never forget the mornings you wake to the dawn chorus or the roar of the ocean just outside your cabin. 

Protect the environment together

Camping is one of the most eco-friendly trips you can take. Even when you’re staying in an organised glamping campsite, prebuilt for you, the emphasis is normally on minimising our carbon footprint. Taking a trip that enriches both of you, while protecting the environment your romance is blossoming in, can only create stronger bonds between you. 

Quick questions to make your camping experience as romantic as possible

Still wondering if a camping trip is for you? Try our FAQ section and see if we have the answer.

Are there adult-only campsites?

Yes, you’ll find that some of the more romantic and luxurious sites are aimed at adults only and create a very romantic atmosphere from the moment you arrive.

Can you book a glamping site for just one or two nights?

Yes, in general you can have very short stays at glamping sites and particularly in the shoulder seasons. However, it’s best to book early as they can be very popular spots and the best ones book up quickly. 

Are all the tents or other types of accommodation side-by-side on a campsite?

It depends. The big family-style campsites tend to have their pitches very close together, but the more boutique sites ensure each pitch has its own privacy, visually separate from others. There is a huge range of campsites in France, so make sure you choose the type best suited to your romantic trip, by using our search filters.

Are there private toilets/showers on any of the sites?

Yes, a large share of accommodation at French campsites is in fact private mobile homes, chalet and cottages, with their own toilets and showers. Some of the 4 and 5 star campsites even have private or semi-private washrooms at each tent or van pitch.

Can I buy food on the sites or do I have to bring everything?

Many sites have their own shops or are near villages with everything you need. Since it’s France it won’t ever be difficult to find wine and cheese, the essentials of a romantic trip. Cooking your own food on a campfire can also become a romantic adventure – but pack plenty of ready-to-go treats too.

Feeling romantic? Check out our romantic camping options.

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