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Campsites in Normandy, France

Couples Camping Normandy

Why you should choose a campsite in Normandy, France, for your next trip

With its rich history and varied landscapes, Normandy is a must-visit destination in France. And what better way to explore the area than with an open-air stay at one of the many campsites in the region, surrounded by nature? The campsites in Normandy are nestled in forests, hidden in the countryside, and dotted along the coast, making them an ideal choice for nature lovers, those interested in wildlife, and those looking for a range of outdoor activities.

There is also the option to choose a campsite by a famous attraction, like the River Orne, or by one of the nature parks, like the Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin. The different districts in Normandy have different cultural and historical monuments you can visit, some of the most famous being the Mont Saint-Michel, the Rouen Gros-Horloge clock tower, the Bayeux Tapestry and the D-Day Landing Beaches.

Our selection of campsites in the region offer a range of different facilities to make your holiday even more enjoyable, like restaurants, pizzerias, swimming pools, fitness classes, evening entertainment and tourist information. If you want to find out more about the region and its hidden gems, check out some of our expert information and top tips about the region below. Then book a trip, so you and your family can look forward to spending quality time together and get excited about your next adventure in France.

Highlights of Choosing a Camping Holiday in Normandy

Here are some of the reasons we love open-air holidays in campsites in Normandy, France.

The coastline

The Normandy coastline is around 650km long, with plenty of picturesque beaches along the way. There are a range of campsites you can choose from through Campsited, that are in close proximity to the coast, or even right by the sea. We recommend checking out campsites near Barneville-Carteret, which is a great beach for families. Those looking for adrenaline sports should consider campsites near Fécamp, which is surrounded by dramatic cliffs and is a great spot for windsurfing.

Historic towns

There are numerous historical towns in Normandy that you can camp next to, in order to soak up the French history and culture. Rouen is a great place to start, where you can visit the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen, marvel at Claude Monet paintings in the Musee des Beaus-Arts de Rouen, or visit the Opera de Rouen. There are a number of campsites available through Campsited conveniently located for visiting Rouen, the closest being around 20km away.

Natural parks

Nature lovers will be spoilt for choice camping in Normandy, as there are four regional natural parks: Meanders of the Seine Regional Natural Park, The Perche Regional Natural Park, Cotentin and Bessin Marshes Regional Natural Park and Normandie-Maine Regional Natural Park. You can choose a campsite within one of the regional parks for a unique and memorable experience.

Local delicacies

French cuisine is considered to be among the best in the world, and the food in Normandy is no different. It’s true that there’s nothing better than cooking in the open air, around the campfire or barbecue with the family, but whilst in Normandy we definitely recommend trying out some of the local seafood and, of course, the cheeses – Normandy is the home of Camembert! If you prefer a more remote campsite in the countryside, you can still enjoy the local cuisine, as the majority of campsites in Normandy have on-site restaurants.

Activities for kids

A campsite in Normandy is a great pick if you are travelling with kids, because of the wide range of activities to do within the campsites and in the local area. Campsites in Normandy have activities for children like swimming pools, kids’ clubs, evening entertainment options, games rooms and on-site sport and leisure activities.

Plenty of choice

There is a large selection of campsites in Normandy, with options to suit differing interests and holiday plans. Whether you want to bring your own tent, are arriving in your campervan or motorhome, or are interested in staying in one of the rentable accommodation options, there are a range of campsites you can choose from to make your trip comfortable.

Easy to get to

Camping in Normandy is convenient no matter where in Europe you’re coming from and how you’re travelling, as there are plenty of ways to get to the region. If you’re arriving into a Paris airport or train station, it’s around a 2-hour train trip from Paris Gare du Nord to Normandy, or a 3-hour drive. Normandy is also handy for arrivals by ferry from the UK.

Unique camping experiences

One of the reasons we love camping in Normandy is because of the distinct scenery, with multiple unique campsites. Camp in the grounds of historic buildings, like at Les Castels Le Brévedent, which features a Louis XVI hunting lodge on site. Or choose a campsite in Normandy with a Château, like Les Castels Château de Lez-Eaux or Camping Château de Bouafles.

Top Tips for your Camping Experience in Normandy

Some of our expert advice to check out before visiting a campsite in Normandy.

Select your favourite district

As Normandy is a large region, it’s a good idea to camp in or close to the ‘department’ that interests you the most. Choose from Manche, Seine-Maritime, Eure, Calvados, or Orne. If you want to visit the famous Mont Saint Michel, we recommend staying at a campsite in Manche, or if you want to camp in secluded countryside, consider staying in Orne. Doing a bit of research in advance is important to make sure you get the most out of your camping trip.

Pack carefully

With a range of different terrains and variable weather, it is important to pack carefully when visiting a campsite in Normandy. Remember to bring layers of clothes and hiking shoes, even in the summer months, as well as your swimsuit, suntan lotion, sunglasses and hat.

Consider travelling by car

As Normandy is a large region with plenty to see, we recommend travelling by car, or renting a car when you arrive in France. While there are reliable public transport options, they can be time consuming, especially if you are on a shorter trip. If you are travelling with family and have a full car, it can also be cheaper to travel by car, plus you’ll have room for all your camping gear.

Visit in spring or summer

The winters in Normandy can get fairly cold, so to get the most out of your camping trip, we recommend visiting a campsite in Normandy from May to September, when you can enjoy milder temperatures and less rain and wind. Visiting in winter is not out of the question, however, and can be a great time to go away if you want to beat the crowds. Outside of summer, we recommend bringing your own camping vehicle or booking a rentable accommodation option at your chosen campsite, as well as packing a warm coat and a range of layers.

Rent a bike

Renting a bike is a great way to see Normandy, or a perfect afternoon activity to do with the family, as there are around 500 km of cycle paths in Normandy and it is considered fairly safe to cycle. Lots of campsites in Normandy offer bicycle rental on site, so you don’t need to worry about bringing bikes, locks and helmets with you.

For more ideas about planning your trip, the Normandy tourist board website is useful.

Ready for the Trip? Find Out More About Campsites in Normandy

Still have questions about campsites in Normandy? Find quick answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

Which campsite should I choose in Normandy?

You can check the facilities at each campsite to get an idea of which one is the perfect choice for your next trip. It’s worth bearing in mind that some of the campsites in Normandy include enough facilities that there is no need to leave the site, which can be a great option if you aren’t travelling with a car, or only have time for a short break.

What are the main attractions in Normandy?

We definitely recommend trying to get to Mont Saint-Michel during your trip, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rouen and Honfleur are popular districts to visit as they both have a number of historical and cultural attractions. Omaha Beach is another popular attraction, as it’s the largest of the five Normandy D-Day Landing Beaches. Or pay a visit to Bayeux and marvel at the Bayeux Tapestry, which is on display at the Bayeux Museum.

How long should I spend in Normandy?

We recommend spending at least a week in Normandy if you want to immerse yourself in the impressive nature in the region, but also want to visit some of the cultural and historical sites. If you have a shorter amount of time, we recommend either staying close to the main things you want to visit, or staying in a campsite that has all the facilities you need for your stay.

What kind of accommodation options are there at Campsites in Normandy, France?

Campsites in Normandy have a range of different accommodation options, from rentable pitches for a tent, campervan or motorhome, to glamping options, like tipis and fixed premium tents, to on-site rental options, like cottages, chalets and mobile homes.

Can I take my dog to a campsite in Normandy?

It is quite easy to find dog-friendly campsites in Normandy, you can check the rules at each individual campsite you are interested in. However, if you’re arriving from abroad, it’s worth bearing in mind that your dog must have had all the necessary vaccines in order to enter France, as well as having been microchipped, be older than 15 weeks, and have a dog passport.

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