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10 Things To Do in Languedoc-Roussillon While Camping in France

Things To Do in Languedoc-Roussillon While Camping in France

Are you going camping in France for a romantic holiday without the kids? If so, it’s important you indulge in adult fun. Keep reading our article with the 10 best Things To Do in Languedoc-Roussillon While Camping in France.

It has beautiful beaches, rich history, and sweeping countryside: it’s no wonder Languedoc Roussillon is a premier destination, and experts have pegged it as a top region for a getaway. It even landed in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Regions to visit in 2018. Combining the best of many worlds: romantic landscapes, historic sites, and unbeatable tastes.

But if you’re planning a holiday in France within this outstanding region, the choices might get a bit overwhelming. Worry not.

We’ve nailed down the top 10 Things To Do in Languedoc-Roussillon, so you can get the most out of your holiday away.

Things To Do in Languedoc-Roussillon While Camping in France

Here are some of our top tips to keep you busy during your visit and our suggestion on the best Things To Do in Languedoc-Roussillon While Camping in France .

1. Musée Fabre, Montpellier

You don’t have to be an art-expert to be blown away by Musée Fabre in Montpellier. This museum houses some of the most outstanding art in France. 

On display is one of Europe’s best collections from the past six centuries. You can take in work by the likes of Monet, Poussin, and Bazille, and the bright, romantic museum is a perfect mood-setter for the entire region.

2. Plage de l’Espiguette

This unspoiled stretch of coastline is pristine, wild, and perfect for both the lounger and adventurer. The beaches are deep and seem to stretch on for days. Couples can find some of the best camping in France nearby. Why not grab a bottle of wine from the region’s many local growers and hit the coast? From there you can enjoy the sunshine and sea. Adventurers can also explore nearby lagoons and impressive dunes.

3. Roman Nîmes

History lovers will fall in love with the ancient Roman ruins of Nîmes. The influence of ancient Rome stretches back to 28 BC here, and it’s chalked full of Roman temples, monuments, and walls. 

Here are some must-sees in the area:

  • Tour Magne
  • Temple de Diane
  • Nîmes Arena
  • Castellum

If you like history, ancient stone, and towering columns, you’ll want to set up a tour in this ancient city.

4. Pont du Gard

This breathtaking structure is a must-see for anyone. But it will top the list if you’re interested in great architecture or history. This ancient monument stretches back all the way to the first century. The towering three-story bridge served also as an aqueduct. In fact, it’s the highest Roman aqueduct and was once used to carry water into the city of Nîmes, with a limestone structure which is spectacularly preserved, soaring 50 meters high and weighs a massive 50,000 tons!

5. Cathar Castles

These impressive medieval castles are nestled throughout the Languedoc-Roussillon region, and they are sprinkled throughout deep forests, mountains, and river streams. The romantic feel of the area alone is enough to launch you to another age.

Brilliant castles are spread throughout the region, but here are several that are well worth exploring:

  • Montsegur Chateau
  • Puylaurens Castle
  • Chateau des Templiers
  • Rennes-le-Chateau

And for an unforgettable holiday in France, consider the Old City of Carcassonne. It is a restored ancient city with a breathtaking castle and medieval city walls. 

6. Cirque de Navacelles

In the midst of the high country wilderness lays this natural phenomenon: a deeply carved out valley. It provides pristine views and a quaint feel in the gorge below. The scenic area is a cannot miss for anyone who appreciates geology or stunning nature scenes. And you can enjoy an awe-inspiring view as you wind down the mountain path with a car or bike.

7. Aigues-Mortes

You won’t be able to miss this ancient city’s intricately preserved surrounding walls. But inside there is a charming town. It’s the perfect spot to wander and take in sun-soaked cafes. Be sure to explore the Towers and Ramparts of Aigues-Mortes. There are also guided bike tours that run along all the points of interest. Stroll the city and enjoy a local beer or glass of wine among the city’s medieval charm.

8. Grotte de la Salamandre

First found in the 1960s, this series of caverns provides spectacular views of massive formations. It features huge stalagmites that are highlighted with colors.There are plenty of ways to enjoy the crystal shards. The more laid back visitors can wander through with a guided tour. And if you’re more adventurous, there are options to rappel into the cavern with a guide.You can also take in the cave’s views via a floating balloon that lets you look down into the deep.

9. Train à Vapeur des Cévennes

For unique views that will bring out the region’s true charm, hop on this train. It first took off in the 1800s, and chugs along from Anduze to Saint-Jean-du-Gard. The charming engine slides through deep tunnels and lets passengers see rolling countryside as it winds past the Gardon River. It’s the perfect way to see the region’s beauty from comfort.

10. La Bambouseraie en Cévennes

It’s one of the most beautiful gardens in France. Visitors can enjoy a dazzling variety of greenery within a romantic setting.
This green paradise is home to rare plants and a unique collection of flowers.It also holds more than 1000 types of bamboo and a variety of trees. A great stop for couples wanting to gaze at the beauty of nature while taking in the area’s unique peace.

Some of the Best Camping in France

When it comes to holidays in France, Languedoc-Roussillon has plenty to offer, but it’s not always easy to pin down the right place to stay. That’s where we can help. Just follow the link to find all the accommodation we have to offer in the region, have a great time!

What makes Languedoc Roussillon such an ideal place for camping in France? 

A quick glance at a southern France map will give you the answer. It boasts a sun-filled coastline and idyllic seashore. Beautiful beaches run into rolling hills, carved caves, and some of the world’s best vineyards.It also was once a strategic gateway for Romans, and the region is speckled with ancient ruins and castles. All of that makes for a dream getaway and top choice for a romantic trip away from the kids or anyone looking for grown-up fun. 

Why not plan your next camping trip in the Languedoc-Roussillon to check on the best Things To Do in Languedoc-Roussillon While Camping in France and discover for yourself what makes visitors fall in love with this part of the country.

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