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5 Useful Tips for Glamping with Kids

glamping with kids

Glamping with Kids is one of the most interesting trends worldwide, keep reading for five tips on how to go glamping with kids and succeed.

Here at Campsited, we LOVE all kinds of camping. You show us a pitch and a campfire and we’re there in jig time. For us, nothing at all can beat the freedom of the tent!

We also love how camping constantly invents itself. It’s an ever-changing adventure and it keeps us, and we’re guessing you, enthralled.

One of the trends we have watched, and enjoyed, over the past few years is the rise of glamping.

Heading out into the wild and enjoying a bit of glamour? Well, that sounds like genius to us, and it seems like quite a few people are in agreement. Hard facts and figures are difficult to come by, but an article by tnooz, the travel news dedicated website, says that glamping continues to enjoy strong growth.

So glamping has its fans, but until recently has been seen as much more an adult activity than one for the juniors. But kids like a little luxury too now and then, and glamping with kids is as easy and fun as any other camping trip with children.

Tips for Glamping with Kids

Below are a few tips on how to glamp with kids and keep everyone happy.

Consider the glamping site carefully

It’s always important to pick the park you go to with everyone’s needs in mind, but when you glamp you need to be even more alert to what the whole family wants from their holiday. You might get excited about a luxe mattress rather than an airbed; your five year old however may wonder what he or she ever did to be punished so brutally as to have their sleeping bag taken away.

The way to mitigate the luxury for the kids is to pick a glamping site that has a lot of wild outdoors to offer. Us adults might love being in the outdoors, but there is an ever more special connection between kids and the wild. This is where their imagination soars and they can run, jump and play to their heart’s delight. You want luxury? You better pack in a wallop of opportunity for adventure too then.

Keep camping activities on the agenda

The way to enjoy a glamping holiday with kids is to let them have experiences that are out of the ordinary even if their accommodation is a bit like home. Walks in the dark with torches, gazing at the stars, toasted marshmallows… all essential glamping experiences for the under 12s. Actually for all ages!

Up the novelty factor

One of the areas in which glamping has really lead the way in travel is in how it has thought of accommodation. Huge attention to detail has been paid to offering different types of accommodation. Kids love something unique (and you’ll love the thrill of something new too). Booking the family into a pod or tipi is sure to capture the attention of children. Ireland and the UK have a variety of very great glamping parks, and more are coming onto the market all the time.

Keep the luxury in check

Children hear the call of the wild in ways adults can’t begin to imagine. They revel in the freedom that being in the outdoors gives them. You don’t want to spend your whole holiday worrying if glasses and expensive objects are going to be broken by accident in some of this wonderful exuberance. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a glamping trip, but book one considering the needs of your little fellow camping mates too.

Look for additional activities nearby

Kids might have half the height of adults but they pack twice the energy levels into those compact bodies. Hanging around your glamping sites, relaxing, cooking something nice and slowly and nodding off for a nap whenever you feel like it is definitely the dream for at least 95% of the adult population. For kids, it’s exploring that gets them excited. A lot of glamping sites have additional activities for children on their own premises or nearby. It’s a good idea to choose a park that gives you lots of options for excursions with the kiddies. Many parks offer walks, cycle paths, hikes for every age and fitness level etc. Make use of all the choices on offer.

Following these five tips above could see your young ones turning into glamping rockstars. They may even start to care about luxe mattresses themselves! Just don’t forget the marshmallows!

Why not put into practice everything you’ve read here and book a glamping trip now for you and your family?

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