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Why Everyone Should Try Glamping


So, glamping is officially a thing. For a while, it was travel’s secret that only those in the know knew, then it became a trend, and now it has reached enough critical mass that it is labelled with the highly scientific name of “a thing”.

It’s easy to understand why: experiencing this new camping style has provided with more than one reason to hit the open road and head into the outdoors.

In the past few years, research is starting to back up just how important and beneficial it is for kids to spend time in nature.

One of the keys to a happy life is to be open to new experiences and luxury camping, or posh camping as it is sometimes known as, is certainly intriguing.

Why glamp in the first place?

For some purists, glamping will never be proper camping. For others, it’s the gateway drug that leads them from hotels to the outdoors.

To each their own, but this type of holiday does offer a completely unique experience, especially when it comes to accommodation. It’s fun to try new things and sleeping in a tipi is definitely fun! So is sleeping in a yurt! And so is sleeping in a bird nest!

In fact, getting creative with accommodation is one of the areas in which glamping has really excelled, and why it has drawn such a huge following.

Glamping also takes care of the many needs one group could have.

The convenience that glamping provides comes in handy for the young parents, who welcome a warm pod when they have to get two rascals bathed and dried, and for the older lady, whose mind is still 25 but whose knees definitely aren’t. A sleeping bag just isn’t an option for her, but she still loves being in nature.

How much does glamping cost?

No doubt about it, prices for glamping are starting to look decidedly five star. This is probably in direct correlation to this kind of holiday becoming “a thing”.

Don’t let that put you off.

The essence of camping is simple: to get back into nature. Glamping also has that ethos, with a touch of luxury and uniqueness, and it is possible to get back in nature while glamping for a reasonable price.

Look for individually owned sites

Yes, hospitality chains are getting in on the act. And bringing their pricing structures with them. It’s easy to spot one glamping park, owned by a very well-known five star luxury hotel chain, for $1,700 a night. Yes, really.

But when you pick yourself up off the floor, it’s also easy to find other glamping parks in the same region, owned by individuals who live on site, for less than a tenth of that.

We’re not here to knock the chains, but we want to give you alternatives in order not to sell a body part to afford a glamping getaway.

Decide on how much luxury you want

Glamping covers a wide range of offerings now and there is nothing to feel guilty about if you do want the chandeliers in your tipi and spa treatments.

The point is to find a park that offers what you’re looking for and pay accordingly.

Top tip: some “traditional” campsites are starting to offer a small amount of glamping options on their sites. These are often reminiscent of how this was prior to trend status, and are very competitively priced.

Bring a crowd

Some glamping sites offer very handsome discounts for large numbers, and even really luxurious sites become very reasonably priced once you bring a few extended family members or friends.

It’s not by accident that more and more couples are choosing to get married at glamping sites.

Keep tabs on the seasons

As glamping has become mainstream, it has adopted mainstream travel practices. Peak season is always going to be summer and the prices will match accordingly.

But here’s the thing: booking during off peak season is a real treat. Snuggled in a yurt, with a book and a hot chocolate close to hand, while the wind blows outside and the power of nature is all around, is a kind of luxury that puts you at peace with the world.

How to find glamping parks

At Campsited, we’re here to help you find the perfect glamping park to suit your budget and camping style, ensuring your adventure will be an unforgettable experience.

We can help you in finding the best glamping, with suggestions and advice to get your holiday finalised and booked with ease. So just use the filters in our campsite search tool to identify campsites with the characteristics you want and you’ll be on the road to booking your holiday.

Your dream glamping holiday is just a few clicks away!

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