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What to Do in the Grand Est Region of France

What to Do in the Grand Est Region of France
If your latest question is What to do in the Grand Est Region of France during your holiday, keep reading this article with the 10 unmissable things t do in the area during your camping holiday in France.

If you’ve already gone to the beach multiple times this year, you most likely want to try something new, especially something that you can enjoy with your kids. Camping in France has gained immense popularity due to its extensive range of activities, there’s much to do for both children and adults alike.

This is particularly true for the Grand Est Region, featuring numerous sites for camping and containing many large nature parks. The amazing thing about this area is the sheer range when it comes to outdoor activities.

What to Do in the Grand Est Region of France

1. Camp in a Coastal Area & Enjoy the Sea

France isn’t just for romantic couples. The Grand Est area is home to hundreds of campsites. The country offers a wide variety of campsite choices and one of the most sought-after locations is along coastal areas.

You can camp near the beach and listen to the surf rolling in as you warm yourself by the fire. And get the chance to enjoy the many top amenities offered by campsites near the sea, such as swimming pools and spas, making the vacation worth saving that bit extra for!

The Flower Camping Les Capucines campsite for instance, is a great camping site for beach lovers. Nestled right by the Pink Granite coast, this location is perfect for those who want the perfect summer camping getaway. The children can get a chance to enjoy both the sandy beaches and the granite cliffs with a spot of fishing added to the mix!

Another great choice for a summer getaway is the Flower Camping Utah-Beach. An ideal spot for relaxation, as you enjoy the night sky, picnicking under the stars.

2. Enjoying the Slopes

Wait, what? Skiing during the summer season? Yes, you read that right, and the Grand Est Region allows you to do just that!

The French Alps offers a great place to hone your skiing skills. One of the most recommended camping sites in the area is Camping Les Lanchettes, located just at the entrance of the Vanoise National Park. At 1,470 meters high, the area is perfect for skiing. Your kids will enjoy this activity because they’ll learn new skills. If the family want a break from the summer heat this is a perfect spot for your holiday.

Ski resorts offer camping areas with cabins that offer comfort and convenience. So, you can make sure your kids enjoy and get the most out of their camping trip.

3. Explore the Zoo

Children usually love animals. So, what better way to give them a great holiday then by letting them see them in the wild, by visiting the Amneville Zoo. A zoological park in Grand Est, France. Spanning 18 hectares of land, it houses about 1,500 animals of 360 species. The area, which is near the region of French Lorraine, offers many activities that are entertaining for children of all ages.

Your children can have great fun seeing various animals, learning more about the different species, and exploring nature!

4. Relive History

Do you and your little ones love historical areas and architectural wonders? If so, then that’s all the more reason to visit this area. It’s a wonderful region for your children to explore the arts and history of France’s colourful culture.

They can visit the L’Oeuvre Notre-Dame Museum and the Ancienne Grande Boucherie Museum (Old Butcher’s House). While staying at a campsite near the area such as Camping Sites et Paysages De Martiniere that has many great facilities for families

5. Biking Tours

One of the most exciting activities your children can do during summer camping is sightseeing on a bike. France is home to breathtaking scenery and majestic views. You and your little ones can enjoy biking around the city of Lorraine. From there, you can go on a trip to see nature parks or the mountainside. This way, your kids get the best of two worlds: see the city and at the same time, the beauty of France.

Campsites near the area are Camping Sites et Paysages Au Clos De La Chaume. Soon as you set camp, you can go cycling and marvel at forests, lakes, waterfalls, and rivers.You can bring your own bikes or rent from local shops. What matters is that your kids enjoy the activity and at the same time, enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Let your kids leave all their gadgets and electronic devices at home and parents leave the daily stresses of work behind.

6. Relaxing at the Camping Resort

For those who’ve had their fill of tours, there are many facilities and activities at the campsites and resorts. Commercial camping sites offer many in-house activities for all the family. Children can enjoy swimming in water parks and various water sports, whilst adults can relax at the spa or pool.

Some camping areas have a wildlife sanctuary for the children to enjoy, and also offer breathtaking views of the Mediterranean beaches, which are sure to melt away your worries.

Other camping resorts offer bonfire parties for both adults and kids. This is a great way to make new friends. They can partake in camping events such as roasting marshmallows and singing old camping songs.

We highly recommend the Camping La Croix d’Arles, a campsite offering many activities, such as mini golf and swimming.

7. Discover The Vosges Mountains

For those who want adventure during their camping trip, the Vosges mountains near Lorraine are the perfect spot.

If your children love stories like Harry Potter, as well as camping in thick forests and fairy-tale villages, then the Vosges mountains will give them a truly magical adventure. The surrounding landscape is surrounded with spectacular scenery, which will make them feel as if they’re in the movies.

Your kids may also want to venture into the ruined and restored castles, as well as visit the old villages here.

One of the best campsites here is the Flower Camping La Steniole, located right in the heart of the Vosges forest.

For those camping in the mountains, staying in tents is a great way to get all the family involved in all aspects of camping. For those who want a more comfortable stay, you can check the mobile homes and studio rooms available. Aside from the nature activities, there are many sporting events your children can enjoy. These include soccer, trampolining, table tennis, and volleyball.

Staying at this campsite gives the entire family a chance to enjoy many activities together – something that is often missed at home because of busy schedules and the hustle and bustle of life. Studies have found that spending time outdoors can help reduce stress and anxiety in both children and adults.

Many kids addicted to gadgets and screens spend only 16 minutes per day outside. Camping activities during their vacation are the perfect getaway to let them explore nature and lessen their screen time.

8. Fishing, Swimming, Canoeing, and Boating

The purpose of camping is to give your children the chance to explore and enjoy all that nature offers. During your camping trip, schedule a day for them to enjoy various activities that they never experience at home.

Let them fish, swim, ride a canoe, or go boating. Grand Est offers many locations where you can do all these fun activities. Some of the popular fishing destinations are the Yelloh! Village – Le Pre Lombard, the Castel La Garangeoire, the Camping La Croix du Bois Sacker, and the Camping Le Capelan.

9. Explore Extreme Sports Activities

For teenagers who tend to get bored quickly when camping , worry not parents! There are activities for adrenaline-lovers.

Camping de la Liez offers extreme sports, such as wakeboarding and canoeing. These are ideal for teenagers who want to enjoy the thrill of an adrenaline rush.

10. Other Fun Adventures to Enjoy

Many campsites have much to offer alongside their more adventurous activities. Aside from the extreme sports to enjoy here, other less-rigorous yet still enjoyable activities include boating, sailing, and playing on a inflatable water balloon obstacle course.

And for the younger ones there’s: pony riding, kite-flying, and the playground.

Camping in France Is the Perfect Summer Getaway

Camping trips are gaining immense popularity for families today. There are numerous reasons why parents take their kids camping. Children-centred holidays need not be expensive.

In fact, camping is a great way to help kids learn basic survival skills, explore nature’s wonders, and reconnect with the beauty of the world. Also, it helps foster creativity and confidence. These are great life lessons that help instil the importance of nature and connection. Bring your kids camping in France to explore its rich culture, and of course, the wonders of Mother Nature.

Why not take a look at the many great campsites in France that Campsited have to offer, book your perfect campsite, and plan what to do in the Grand Est Region to get the most out of your holiday.

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