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Wild Camping Kit List: 10 Essentials to Pack for a Holiday

Wild Camping Kit List

Are you preparing to go camping wild for the first time and aren’t sure what you might need? Thinking about multi-day hikes or long-term stays in the middle of the wilderness and how it’s going to be different from previous camping trips?

Here’s our wild camping kit list with the 10 essentials to pack for an outdoor holiday. You’ve been camping before, but now you’ll be ready to go more off-grid.

Wild Camping Kit List: 10 Essentials to Pack for a Holiday

Listed below are ten essential items to start your list of camping gear. Read on to make your camping experience go just like it would for a pro.

1. A Spacious and Organised Backpack for Camping Gear

Packing to go camping will naturally begin with, well, the pack. For an efficient use of space, you’ll want to shop around. Ideally, you’ll want to pack absolutely everything you need in only 1, or maybe 2, packs. That means your backpack needs to have all different kinds of compartments to fit all different kinds of camping gear.

2. Camping Gear for Shelter – Tents and Tarps

The second most important thing you want to consider is where you’ll actually be sleeping! Tents and the tarps to cover them are worth the investment for top quality – you definitely don’t want to skimp.

Check the weather for the length of your trip before you go.

Don’t worry if there is a chance of rainy or winter conditions. Camping in the winter is possible if you have the right equipment. Heavy tarps and plenty of warm socks for example

3. High-Quality Hiking Boots

There really isn’t a point to camping if you aren’t prepared to do a little bit of hiking, too. Naturally, if you’re camping in a scenic location, chances are that there is a route for a scenic hike as well.

If you plan to spend one or more of your days hiking in the wilderness of the area, protection for your feet is essential. Proper hiking boots will protect your feet from stones and sharp objects, and give them proper support whilst walking on long hikes.

4. A Hammock!

After you go on your hike, you might really enjoy lounging and lapping up an out-of-the-ordinary view, or napping. You don’t necessarily have to always sleep in the tent, especially if it’s a nice sunny day!

Bringing a hammock is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. There are even hammocks that are large enough to fit you and a partner for quality snuggling time.

5. Headlamps and Torches

Once night falls, city dwellers are sometimes surprised by how dark it can get in the countryside (especially first-time campers).

Prepare for this ahead of time by bringing more than one tool to light up your tent and camping area.

Headlamps are useful if you need to use your hands for certain tasks, but torches are great for a more controlled light focus. No matter what, proper lighting is essential on your list of camping gear. And don’t forget the spare batteries!

6. A First Aid Kit

Another essential for you to bring on your camping trip is light medical supplies. Though you won’t be able to prepare for every emergency, you’ll be quite thankful if you have plasters and antiseptic wipes on hand for minor wounds and blisters.

7. Sleeping Supplies

Even if you have a thick, warm tent set up, you’ll still want some kind of bedding to stay comfortable throughout the night. Sleeping bags probably come to mind as an important part of your camping gear, but a mat will also make a big difference.

8. Food Preparation Tools

Unless you are already an incredibly skilled gatherer of nuts and berries (and are prepared to solely live off of them), you’ll probably want to pack some food!

For a serious dedication to saving packing space, consider finding meal packs that you like. As camping gets more and more popular, companies are investing in nutritious, easy-to-prepare, small packages of dehydrated food. Some of them even taste pretty good!

If you aren’t interested in those, consider bringing one or two pots or pans with which to cook. Also bring food that is light, easily packed, and easily prepared.

A good rule of thumb is to always bring enough for three days more than the plan of your original trip. You never know what may happen – you might want to stay longer!

9. Hygiene Products

Though these aren’t required to have a good time on your camping trip, bringing cleaning products might make you feel better overall.

Small bottles of simple hygiene products like soap or shampoo can go a long way, just make sure that they are eco friendly if you are washing in rivers. If you’re bringing dogs or pets you’ll be thankful for a bottle of shampoo on hand when they get especially muddy before crawling into the tent!

10. Water Filtration Kit

The last item on this list of camping gear will provide you with natural, clean water. Instead of hiking around with a dozen or more water bottles (which are both heavy and not environmentally friendly), bring a simple water filtration kit.

Do your research to find the best water filtration kit for your needs and level of comfort.

Find a natural spring in the area, and you’ll have a constant supply of crisp, clean water. Water is even more important to remember than food, so invest properly in the filtration kit that meets your standards.

Wild Camping Kit List: Recap

We know all about camping – and we love it. We hope that you do too. That’s why we’ve created this wild camping kit list, so to help you in having the time of your life when wild camping. Remember to bring with you the following items:

  1. A Backpack For Camping Gear
  2. Camping Gear for Shelter – Tents and Tarps
  3. High-Quality Hiking Boots
  4. A Hammock
  5. Headlamps and Torches
  6. A First Aid Kit
  7. Sleeping Supplies
  8. Food Preparation Tools
  9. Hygiene Products
  10. Water Filtration Kit

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