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Camping tips to improve your camping trips

Easy Camping Tips

When it comes to camping, small things help make the most out of your holiday. We asked around our office full of campers and gathered together a few weird and wonderful tips! So make your adventure easier and more enjoyable by having these few tricks up your sleeve.

Stock up on glow sticks to keep track of kids

Camping is simply the best fun for young children. At a campsite, they run free, make new friends and have adventures. Experienced parents who want to want to be able to follow their kids’ movements after the sun goes down use glow stick bracelets to make them easier to spot. Pop a few around each little wrist as special camping equipment and know you’ll be able to find your children in the dark.

Bring a yoga mat

Sleeping in a tent does wonders for our health on every level. Fresh air, nature’s soundtrack all around you and Mother Earth underneath your sleeping bag all conspire to rejuvenate us. Place a yoga mat under your sleeping bag to make it an even more comfortable experience. And you might even use it for some yoga during the day!

Grown-ups deserve treats too

Looking for a more grown-up version of toasted marshmallows around a campfire? All you need to add is some crème liqueur and you’ve got a party on your hands.

Breakfast on the campfire

Food just tastes better when prepared outdoors. Start your camping holiday with a unique breakfast on your first morning with a minimum of fuss: break a few eggs into a clean bottle before you leave home – maybe even add some salt and pepper. Tip the bottle into a saucepan to make scrambled eggs on the campfire in the morning! Celebrity chefs will be stealing this idea in no time.

Don’t forget any camping essentials

Here are some of the essentials to stock up on:

  • A spacious and organised backpack per person, which opens wide to be used as a wardrobe while on holidays
  • Good hiking footwear
  • Hammock for relaxing under the trees
  • Headlamps, torches, candles and matches
  • First Aid kit including sun block
  • Food preparation tools – think of the things you find essential day to day, like peelers, mashers, tongs…
  • Water bottles for everyone

Check our Wild Camping Checklist and our our Ideas for Family Camping articles for more ideas!

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