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5 Easy Camping Tips that Will Improve Your Camping Trips

Easy Camping Tips

When it comes to camping, you need to know one thing or two so to make the most out of your holiday. That’s why you need a list with at least 5 best camping tips to make your adventure easier and much more enjoyable.

In fact, outdoor lovers are an ingenious bunch. No matter their preferred style of getting close to nature, whether they are glampers or fans of a traditional tent and sleeping bag, they all have a few tricks up their sleeves to turn camping trips into the best holidays ever.

To make the most of your first or next camping trip, these five tips from campers will give you a few ideas on how to make it a stress free and comfortable break.

Camping is the perfect holiday for kids

They run free, make new friends and have adventures. Parents who want to keep an eye on their kiddies when the sun goes down use glow stick bracelets to keep track of the juniors. Pop a few around each little wrist and earn serious cool points while knowing you’ll be able to find your children in the dark.

Sleeping in a tent does wonders for our health on every level

Fresh air, nature’s soundtrack all around you and Mother Earth underneath your sleeping bag all conspire to rejuvenate us. Place a yoga mat under your sleeping bag to make it an even more comfortable experience.

A camping trip sans kiddies?

Looking for a more grown up version of toasted marshmallows around a campfire? All you need is your barbeque+marshmallows+crème liqueur and you’ve got a party on your hands.

Breakfast under a canopy of trees is one of life’s great pleasures

Food just tastes differently outdoors. Start your camping holiday with a wonderful breakfast on your first morning with a minimum of fuss and preparation by breaking a few eggs into a clean bottle before you leave home. Celebrity chefs will be stealing this idea in no time.

Keeping the inside of your tent or camper van clean and tidy is easy

Keep the inside of your tent or camper van clean and tidy by lining your sleeping bag with the clothes you’re going to wear the next day. This has the added benefit of keeping your clothes cosy and dry! Winner!

Bonus 1: Wild camping is fun but it requires preparation

Do not forget to bring you the essentials if you’re going wild camping:

  • A Spacious and Organised Backpack For Camping Gear
  • Camping Gear for Shelter – Tents and Tarps
  • High-Quality Hiking Boots
  • Hammock
  • Headlamps and Torches
  • First Aid Kit
  • Sleeping Supplies
  • Food Preparation Tools
  • Hygiene Products
  • Water Filtration Kit

Check our Wild Camping Checklist to get everything under control.

Bonus 2: Having the time of your life while camping with your family is possible

Follow these 8 easy and effective family camping ideas for a great trip:

  • Find the Middle Ground
  • Set Aside an Hour a Day for Family Time
  • Overpack
  • Old Traditions vs. New Memories
  • Plan Meals
  • Be Flexible
  • Look Past the Trees
  • Define What Camping Means to You

Check our Ideas for Family Camping to plan your trip.

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